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26 Beautifully illustrated images accompanies 26 words of positivity and affirmation.

An Alphabet of Positivity, A Coloring Book, combines the images from I Am Awesome, My Hair: And Why It’s Awesome Too!, as well as Family Reunion to provide hours of entertainment.

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Order the Latest Book! Family Reunion

Malcom, Ebony, Dad, Mom and Sword embark upon a once in a decade Family Reunion Event.

Malcom learns about the rich history of his family, the importance of not talking across the spades table, the legacies of Black Greek Letter Organizations, and so much more. All this while attempting to find  his “twin” cousin, Malcolm.

Join Malcom as he progresses through the multiple chapters of his family and enjoy the first Chapter Book in the Series; Malcom Explains – Family Reunion.

A Part of My Mommy / Son Time
A Part of My Mommy / Son TimeTy Ty
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Thanks for showing our young kings/queens in training that they have options for greatness.
An Awesome Book with an Awesome Message
An Awesome Book with an Awesome MessageWillie 'Scooter' Burton
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Thank you for putting out a book with such an awesome message!!

Order the 2nd Book: My Hair: And Why It's Awesome Too!

Malcom and Ebony discuss the good and the bad good about black hair.  They discuss words such as nappy, dreadlocks, and “good hair”.  The second book in the Malcom Explains Series shares more awesomeness of our culture.  Join Malcom and Ebony as they explain why their hair is awesome, too!

Come along as they share a little bit of history and a lot of pride in our natural hair.

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A Great Book to Teach Young Children to Love their Hair
A Great Book to Teach Young Children to Love their HairSharena Deal
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I simply loveee this book for the youth! I had to share this book with others and they fell in love with it also!

Order the 1st Book: I Am Awesome

Introducing Malcom in a tale about the awesomeness of a little boy and how he wants to share his joy of the world. Join him as he travels the world and through time explaining the awesomeness of his heritage and ancestry. 

Whether it’s religion, science, music, or history, there is a wonderful world of rich culture to be explored.  This beautifully illustrated work is sure to inspire!

A Book That Instills Pride
A Book That Instills PrideJamie Wooley
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I love how this book instills confidence in kids when it comes to their history. The illustrations were beautiful and flowed right along with the story. Perfect for readers of ALL ages!
I Love The Message
I Love The MessageWillie 'Scooter' Burton
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I absolutely love the message. We need to tell our kids this more and more. We need to hear how awesome we are, everyday.