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Earned vs Unearned Income

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Broke means you don’t have money at this moment. I believe we have all been broke at one time or another. But poor? Poor is a mindset.

Malcom Explains: I Am Awesome Black Jesus Image - Written by Joedy Barnes

Was Jesus Black?

One of the most controversial images from I Am Awesome is also one of the most inspirational images. The Black Jesus teaching challenges the popular image of a long haired, fair skinned, light eyed Jesus.  The “White Jesus” is so frequently shared and embedded in culture that his entire family is shown to be white. One of… Read More »Was Jesus Black?

My Hair Page 3 Hairstyles Image

There’s Nothing ‘Dread’ful About Our Hair

Locs didn’t become dreadful until they were seen on Afrikans. But there is nothing dreadful about our hair. Our hair is beautiful and how we talk about it changes not only how we feel about it, it changes how everyone looks at our hair as well.