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The Eugene Mosley Story Cover

The Eugene Mosley Story: The Kid That Accepted God’s Calling

The Eugene Mosley Story follows the life of Eugene Mosley, explaining how he overcame adversary, bullying, and doubt. Eugene overcame these obstacles to become a legendary Jazz Portrait Artist, traveling the world, meeting some of the most influential and powerful people alive, and establishing a legacy that will last forever. The Eugene Mosley Story shows that when you take the time to answer God’s calling, ignore to bullies, and seek to be your best, you will succeed.

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Dani's Perfect Date Cover

Dani’s Perfect Date

Dani wakes excitedly knowing Today is her favorite day. She is going on a date with a very special person. She has her money and her Mommy as they set off on finding her a dress, getting her hair and nails done. There is a problem, Dani can not find the perfect dress and she can not decide on which hairdo to get. Will Dani get everything she needs before it is too late to go on “Dani’s Perfect Date”?

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Anna Stay In Bed! Cover

Anna, Stay in Bed!

Anna, Stay In Bed is a fun short book filled with uniquely drawn colorful artwork. It is a great toddler book for all parents with young black kids looking for more diversity in their books. This African American picture book is an easy read for new readers wanting to see more black and Afro Latinx style artwork in their bedtime books.

Anna, Stay In Bed has vibrant illustrations; the artwork is bold and simple without the busy backgrounds as this will allow the young readers to still focus on the words while enjoying the story!

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Anna & Her Superhero Dream Cover

Anna & Her Superhero Dream

Anna & Her Superhero Dream is a short story picture book with a superhero theme for your children’s entertainment. Read about Anna’s dream of fighting bad guys, helping friends, and saving the day. As a sequel book of Anna, Stay In Bed!… this picture book is perfect for young readers around ages 4-7. Parents with young black children will enjoy seeing some diversity in their short bedtime stories.

This picture book, Anna & Her Superhero Dream, has uniquely drawn superhero illustrations featuring children of color doing fun superhero things. This short story has mostly Level 1 Sight Words and Level 2 Sight Words. We believe Anna & Her Superhero Dream is an excellent way for your child to see black girls as heroes.

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