Family Reunion (Paperback Book)



Malcom, Ebony, Dad, Mom and Sword embark upon a once in a decade Family Reunion Event. Malcom learns about the rich history of his family, the importance of not talking across the spades table, the legacies of Black Greek Letter Organizations, and so much more. All while attempting to find his “twin” cousin, Malcolm. Available in an easy to carry and comfortable to read size, Family Reunion (Paperback Book) is the perfect package for this pint sized adventure.

Join Malcom as he progresses through the multiple chapters of his family and enjoy the Ist Chapter Book in the Series; Malcom Explains – Family Reunion.

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  • 5 x 7 inch full color cover with black and white image pages.
  • A Thank You Letter from Malcom
  • A Artist Edition Copy of the book with a page just for you to create your own image.

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Learn more about the illustrator, James Hislope, HERE.

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