An Alphabet of Positivity (Coloring Book)


With the release of Family Reunion, the Malcom Explains Coloring book now includes all images from I Am Awesome, My Hair: And Why It’s Awesome Too!, and Family Reunion. Enjoy the rich illustrations with a chance to add your own level of creativity. When you are done, use the included envelope to message Malcom or Ebony and share your colorful creations. Order the Malcom Explains Coloring Book and add the twist you want to the artwork from our three most popular books.

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Your Coloring Book order features the following:

  • High Resolution Coloring Book with images form all three books
  • Thank You Letter
  • A Return Envelope to send Malcom or Ebony back your favorite image

Order your Malcom Explains Coloring Book today and make sure to return your favorite coloring image for Malcom or Ebony to enjoy.

Learn more about the illustrator, James Hislope, HERE.

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Bring the joy of reading to your little one with the colorfully illustrated books of I Am Awesome and My Hair: And Why It’s Awesome Too! And let your little one grow in their reading skills with Family Reunion.

Malcom Explains focuses on the positive images of our culture and community.