My Hair: And Why It's Awesome Too! (eBook)


The second book in the Malcom Explains Series, My Hair: And Why It’s Awesome Too! (eBook), is available. Written by Joedy Barnes and Illustrated by James Hislope.  Malcom and Ebony discuss the awesomeness of Black hair and what makes it so unique.  Malcom and Ebony discuss some good words and some bad words used to describe Black Hair.  They also discuss how hair has a grade. The grade describe texture and curl pattern.  Malcom and Ebony’s Dad also discusses the history of hair.  Because, all styles have distinct meanings and a history behind them.

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Learn more about the illustrator, James Hislope, HERE.

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Your My Hair: And Why It’s Awesome Too! (eBook) is formatted in a fixed style, used to concisely show the beautiful illustrations on all devices.